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The page below explains what a Community Land Trust is and why Wickham Community Land Trust has been formed.

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What is a Community Land Trust, or CLT?

A CLT is a non-profit, community-based organisation that owns land and property for public benefit. Land is taken out of the market and is only leased or rented, never sold, so that the land value is captured for all time for the benefit of the community.

Benefits from having a Community Land Trust

WCLT's objectives

Wickham Community Land Trust (WCLT) was established in June 2008 Wickham Square Sign as a Company Limited by Guarantee with charitable aims to acquire and hold, develop and lease land and property for the benefit of the community for purposes of community regeneration and renewal. Since March 2010, WCLT has been a registered charity. In August 2013, we acquired our first 8 homes.

You can see our accounts and annual report at Companies House.

Our aims are to:

How the Trust is run

There is a board of trustees drawn from the area the CLT serves. Some trusteeships will reside with a post holder, e.g. a nominee from the Parish Council, so that succession and local accountability is ensured.

The first objective that WCLT is tackling is Affordable Homes

The 2004 Wickham Parish Plan for Action found that there were 50 households in need of Building site 16 Houghton Gardens alternative accommodation. A subsequent Housing Survey (2007) confirmed this need. Another survey in December 2008, which asked questions about intermediate housing through a Community Land Trust re-affirmed the earlier findings.

What is intermediate housing?

Intermediate housing is generally available at 20% less than the usual market rents or prices.

A CLT steps into the gap between social housing and the open market to provide intermediate housing.

CLT Homes are permanently affordable

Wickham CLT will always retain the freehold and will lease land to families, individuals, Wickham Square Hanging Basket housing associations and co-operatives for developing affordable homes, without ever passing the land value on to the leaseholder. When leaseholders sell their home they will share with WCLT any increase or decrease in the property's value.

The home will remain in the ownership of WCLT who can then make it available again as affordable housing for subsequent generations.

The Allocation of Houses

We work with Wickham Parish Council and Winchester City Council to make sure that all involved in approving a planning application are agreed on the fairness of our allocation system for homes. No individual or group has preferential treatment. The system is transparent, is not dictated by, and does not favour, any affiliation.

WCLT is registered with The Information Commissioner's Office and The Housing Ombudsman.


Wickham CLT continually examines various sustainable building methods and we will ensure that any development of ours is as aesthetically sympathetic as possible to the Wickham environment.

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