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Wildflower Planting At Houghton Gardens

In mid-April 2023, with the support of Hyde Housing and funding from Hyde’s contractors WildflowerPlanting1 WildflowerPlanting2 Acorn, and from Wickham Community Land Trust, local residents of Houghton Gardens spent two days creating new spaces for wildflowers around Houghton Gardens.

The pictures show (left) "Mixing The Seed" and (right) "One Bed Prepared, Two More To Go".

This project has been planned for a long time and the results will contribute immensely to the amenity of Houghton Gardens and Mill Lane, which form part of the village envelope, bordering open countryside.

Open Days

Wickham CLT held two open days in January 2023 at one of our new 2-bed properties Wykeham Vale Houses on Wykeham Vale, Wickham. Board members were present to explain more about the work of the Trust and how it is now possible to support our work through Friends of Wickham CLT (FoWCLT).

The first open day was directed at local residents to show them the quality of the new homes, ask questions and learn more about how they can support our work. The second was for our funders and civic leaders from district and local councils. We received great financial support from Winchester City Council, South Downs National Park and local donors, especially the Warwick family, that enabled us to make the purchases possible by keeping commercial loans to a manageable level.

The Hampshire Chronicle described the events in an online article.

Our January 2023 Project

We completed purchase of our second tranche of Wykeham Vale homes on Friday 13 Jan 2023. Thus, another five new properties became available for rental. These have all been successfully allocated. See our What We Provide page for some details.

Wykeham Vale Map

Our June 2022 Project

In June 2022, we purchased 5 properties at Wykeham Vale and these have been successfully allocated to local applicants.

Wykeham Vale Map