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Wickham Community Land Trust

What can WCLT provide?

Our homes are a mixture of affordable dwellings for rent or for shared ownership.

WCLT Rented homes are offered to local people at rates that are below open market private rents but above social housing rents. These homes are for individuals or families of limited means, who either do not qualify on the social housing list, or who cannot afford private sector rents.

Our Shared ownership properties are available to local people in housing need who cannot afford to buy on the open market but can afford to buy on a shared ownership basis. The buyer acquires ownership of a proportion of the value of the home. The purchaser shares with the Land Trust in any increase or decrease in the value of the property and can take their share to help buy a home on the open market when they are able to do so. Shared ownership householders are only permitted to re-sell their share back to the Trust.

Under both models, the properties will always remain part of a permanent and sustainable stock of affordable housing for public benefit in Wickham. WCLT will re-allocate Artists Impression the properties to other eligible local people. In this way, the homes will always be owned by WCLT and become part of a permanent and sustainable stock of affordable housing to sustain the housing needs of future generations in Wickham.

(Drawing courtesy of HGP Architects/Hyde Martlet)

Summary of our provision

Since 2022, our provision has been split between two neighbourhoods in Wickham. Follow the links below for specific details:

  • Houghton Gardens

  • Wykeham Vale

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