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Our first project

Our immediate objective

We obtained planning consent for, and subsequently built, 8 homes, a combination of flats and houses, catering for a wide age range: single people, young people, couples, one-parent families, two-parent families and older people.

Our site

We have eight homes on a Location Aerial Photo combined site of twenty homes, having worked together on the project with the then Hyde Martlet Housing Association, an established social landlord in the area. The site is located off Mill Lane, Wickham and is next to the Community Centre. It is shown in red in the photograph. The blue area is a new treatment centre for use by the Wickham doctors. (Photo courtesy of HGP Architects/Hyde Martlet)

The homes are built of brick and are on a site of approximately 0.8ha (excluding access road). The properties form a square in the centre of which is a central green. Building in Progress2 The scale of development is modest and sympathetic to its surroundings on the edge of the village so, for example, the fencing is rustic timber fencing and the planting will enhance local biodiversity with the planting of trees and shrubs and regeneration of old hedgerow. There is a planted buffer zone between the houses and the nearby Mill Lane. Each house has its own garden and these are positioned to provide quiet areas for enjoyment. Each flat has a small individual garden.


The address of the houses is: Houghton Gardens, Wickham, PO17 5GT. The site is conveniently located for people to be able to walk to and from the centre of the village, largely along footpaths and quiet streets. Building in Progress1 The site is very close to the Church of England Primary School and closer still to the Wickham Community Centre and to the new doctors surgery. Bus stops for public transport connections to other centres, e.g. Fareham, Portsmouth and Winchester are in the centre of Wickham. Vehicle access to the site is not directly off Mill Lane, but from a joint access road which serves the Community Centre, the new doctors’ surgery and the houses.

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