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Greening the Site

We believe that WCLT has taken three opportunities on the Houghton Gardens site to make a worthwhile contribution Green Leaf to open space and biodiversity in the village of Wickham. We are also inviting your continuing participation in the habitat plan (see below).

The Houghton Gardens site contains:

  1. A grassed central green with trees
  2. A wide buffer zone between Mill Lane and the new houses
  3. A 5m deep hedgerow on the northern boundary.

Our objectives for these three areas include:

Central Green

Buffer Zone


The Houghton Gardens site

This site plan shows the three main areas where Site Plan our environmental proposals can be given full rein. (Plan courtesy of HGP Architects/Hyde Martlet)

We wish to reflect the wishes of the Wickham community on all Green Issues.

You can help

To ensure the best possible greening of the Houghton Gardens site we have taken professional advice. In addition, we welcome your suggestions about planting, specific habitats or native species that we should try to encourage. You can let us know your views via our contact us page.

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