Wickham Community Land Trust

Information for Residents

Residents’ Handbooks

Much information for our rental properties is available in the residents’ rental handbook, which will download automatically to your computer if you click on this residents’ handbook link.

Information for our shared ownership properties is in the equivalent S.O. residents’ handbook, available on this S. O. residents’ handbook link.

Antisocial Behaviour

In the first instance, you should report an incident to:

In person or by mail:

Byrne Runciman
The Square
PO17 5JT

By Telephone: 01329 834579 (including out of hours service)

By e-mail: 

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In the event of our residents experiencing antisocial behaviour, we ask them to keep a written record of all incidents that contribute to the problem, as follows:

The term antisocial behaviour has a very broad meaning and can incorporate a wide range of activities. As landlord, Wickham Community Land Trust has adopted the definition given in Anti-Social Behaviour: Policy and Procedure, Code of Guidance for local housing authorities and housing action trusts (pub. ODPM (Office of the Deputy Prime Minister), Aug 2004).

What is antisocial behaviour?

Antisocial behaviour may or may not constitute criminal activity. The key determinant in deciding whether particular behaviour is antisocial or not should be the impact of the behaviour on others.

Here are some examples: